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About us

NOVGORODELEKTROREMONT LLC is a Russian enterprise that produces electric motors and components for AC motors, as well as modernizing electric motors with the help of components of its own production.

Production facilities are located in Malaya Vishera, Novgorod region. More than 120 people are involved in the production. The number of manufactured types of components for electric vehicles exceeded 5000 units.

We are proud that our Company takes an active part in the support and development of the domestic industry, solving the following tasks for our partners:

The whole range of spare parts for electric motors:

Production capacities and many years of experience allow us to manufacture a full range of spare parts for various types of electric motors and generators of both Russian and Foreign production: sections, stators, anchors and rotors, main and additional poles, manifolds, STEF wedges, spare parts for various types of turbines.

The new life of the electric motor

A comprehensive offer for repairs during the PPR, which allows you to get a complete repair kit for engines. The kit includes: sections, collectors, STEF wedges, assembly instructions, technical support, quality control and consignment warehouse, sorted for the repair of one engine for fast and high-quality repair of power plants during the PPR by the repair shop’s own forces.

Import substitution

Delivery of analogues of imported electric motors and generators manufactured by Novgorodelektroremont LLC, as well as modernization of any electric motors using spare parts of its own production. For example, top drive motors for drilling rigs, electric generators for wind generation.

Technical and engineering support:

Our own design bureau, with a large library of drawings of various electric machines, provides support at all stages of development, refinement and modernization of electric machines.

Advantages of working with us:

  • The order volume is from one set of spare parts to serial production. A flexible production organization system allows you to manufacture spare parts in quantities from one set to serial production;
  • The most comfortable terms of production and delivery. The unique geographical location of the production site (Malaya Vishera, Novgorod region) allows us to be close both to customers (150 km from St. Petersburg and 400 km from Moscow) and to the main logistics hubs of suppliers of materials;
  • The highest level of quality, which is ensured and confirmed by a quality management system certified according to GOST 9001:2015.
We ensure the reliability of electric motors for the smooth operation of industrial enterprises in Russia and CIS countries.

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