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The basis of our company’s success is our employees. Our team is
ambitious, result-oriented professionals,
guided by the principles of solidarity, cooperation and mutual
respect. In order to reach the planned peaks, each of us
strives to be the best in his field.

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Send your resume by email hr@novgorod-electro.ru .
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Administrative staff

Job responsibilities
Determination of the need for material resources, search for suppliers,
conducting negotiations with suppliers, concluding contracts with suppliers,
maintaining operational records of the movement of material resources, ensuring delivery
material resources from suppliers.
Production Manager
Job responsibilities. To carry out regular operational control over the progress of production and other types of
the main activity of the enterprise
Supply Manager
Job responsibilities
Provision of production materials

Production staff

Job responsibilities
Winding of electric motor parts with insulating materials
Job responsibilities
Mechanical processing of metals and other materials
Mechanic of mechanical assembly works
Job responsibilities
Assembly and processing of metal products according to the job description
Electric and gas welder
Job responsibilities
Perform welding work according to the technical task
Turner (universal turner)
Job responsibilities
Reading drawings. Metal processing on lathes
Job responsibilities
Mechanical processing of parts on turning and milling machines.
The carousel Turner
Job responsibilities
Manufacturing of parts according to the drawing on a turning and carousel machine

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