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DC coils (rods and single-turn sections)

Characteristics of the coils produced:

Product samples: Seqcii DE-816, DE-812, DE-800, DPE-400, EK-590, DPV-52; Tsterzhnigs3127, 2AZC500J, GM302, 1JP373

Cores of electric machines

Characteristics of the cores produced:

Production examples:
Packages of active iron for the stator of the upper drive motors of drilling rigs; Active iron for the stator of the generator CAT SR5, GGFB-75, as well as BSDK-15-21-12 , S21641F511Z, DAZO (700 kW)

Collectors of DC motors

Characteristics of the produced collectors of DC motors:

Production examples: collectors NTK-650, PN-400, ED-812, EDP-816, EDP-600, EK-590

Coils of the excitation poles and add. Poles including the edge

Anchors, rotors and accessories to them

Characteristics of the produced anchors of DC motors:

Production examples: anchor EK-590 (manufacture/replacement of shaft, broach), anchor EDP-600 (manufacture/replacement of shaft, broach), anchor PBK 215/45 (repair), anchor DPE-52 (manufacture)

Детали из диэлектриков

Characteristics of manufactured parts made of dielectrics on a CNC machine

Characteristics of the produced wedges and gaskets

Engines of upper drives of drilling rigs

Accessories for turbo generators

Characteristics of manufactured parts:

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